BDA is an architectural practice offering architecture, urban design and interior design services. BDA is highly experienced in Residential architecture, Urban Design and specialises in marinas, waterfront developments, commercial, mixed-use, residential and master planning on varying scale projects.

BDA’s urban design studio has been a key component of the practice since the mid 1990s. Our work ranges from residential master plans to urban design studies for local government. It also includes built form design guidelines and codes for some of Australia’s largest residential developers. More recent works have included town centre and retail master planning.

Our design studio has extensive experience over a range of design typologies. We generally achieve simplicity of concept through a process of investigation, experimentation, collaboration and consultation.

BDA has led urban design and architectural projects throughout the east coast of Australia, including northern & southern central New South Wales, southern Victoria and northern Queensland. The practice has offices on the Gold Coast and Kuala Lumpur. BDA are involved with projects in China, Malaysia, Taiwan, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

BDA were selected for inclusion in the Queensland Government’s Heat Architecture Exhibition at the Shanghai World Expo 2010 for Sphere Residential Community.