The CBH Group is one of Australia's leading grain organisations, a co-operative with operations extending along the value chain from grain storage, handling and transport to marketing, shipping and processing.

The CBH Group is based in Western Australia and is owned and controlled by more than 4500 grain growers. Since being established 80 years ago, the Group has constantly evolved, innovated and grown. Our core purpose is to create and return value to growers.

A defining moment for the CBH Group was the merger in 2002 of Co-operative Bulk Handling with fellow grower-controlled grain marketing organisation, the Grain Pool of Western Australia, now incorporated into the CBH Group brand. This began the transformation of the company into an integrated business focused on delivering growers a greater share of the grain value chain. We have since grown to have strategic investments along the value chain including the Interflour flour milling joint venture in South East Asia. We aim to give our growers more control of their product from the farm gate to the market place and in the process create and capture more value for them.

Our storage and handling system currently receives and exports around 95 per cent of the Western Australian grain harvest and is regarded as one of the best in the world. Our marketing and trading arm is the leading grain acquirer in Western Australia and is now building a presence in eastern Australia. We aim to offer to east coast growers the same competitive strengths we have built up over more than 80 years of operation in the Western Australian market: price, service, experience, strength and reliability. Our close links to growers have also helped us to deepen longstanding relationships with international customers in more than 20 markets.

The strength of the CBH Group has been built on our long-standing commitment to grain growers. The Group has net assets of $1.1 billion and an annual turnover of around $1.5 billion. We are the biggest co-operative in Australia and among Western Australia's top 20 companies by revenue. See separate news article in the 80th Anniversary edition of CBH’s internal magazine Insight on some of the environmental projects implemented by the CBH team